Veggies in the Mix

Let’s be honest: Vegetables are great! They are not always valued for their deliciousness, however. If they were, the majority of Americans wouldn’t be falling short of daily recommended servings of vegetables. That’s one of the more powerful reason smoothies have become so popular among today’s consumers. Smoothies are the perfect better-for-you beverage. They’re easy and […]

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Refreshers Make a Splash

Refresh. Recharge. Meet the new Dr. Smoothie Refreshers. Handcrafted from real fruit juice and natural flavors, plus green coffee extract, these fresh-tasting enhanced waters offer more than just simple refreshment. Operators will appreciate the competitive edge Dr. Smoothie Refreshers offer with their versatile, on-trend beverage applications. Busy consumers will enjoy Refreshers’ fresh-flavor combinations of the functional […]

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New Look, Same Great Taste

Dr. Smoothie Brand Refresh

Celebrating 20 Years of Business In honor of serving our partners for over 20 years, we’ve refreshed our look! Exciting changes are reflected in our logo and tagline, packaging, website, sales and merchandising tools, and so much more. You Spoke. We Listened. It was you, our distributors and operators, that inspired us to take the […]

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Healthy Trend: Fruit & Vegetables

The Fruit & Veggie Beverage Trend. Fruit and veggie beverages are right on trend. Consumer interest in better-for-you beverages is so hot that the demand for fruit and veggie beverages continues to gain momentum from millennials, involved parents and health-conscious consumers. 44% of consumers call for healthier beverages at restaurants.¹ 55% of consumers are making […]

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ADDins Make Any Beverage Healthier

Offer customers the added health benefits they want with Dr. Smoothie’s functional ADDins®: Leafy Greens Veggie Blend Yogurt Plus Adding a single scoop to any beverage creates the healthy halo your customers are looking for while also satisfying their preference for great-tasting, better-for-you beverages.  Blend into a Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed®, Organic or Classic smoothie or […]

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Ice Elements


Not all ice is the same. There are different shapes, sizes and consistencies. It’s these characteristics that affect the overall viscosity or consistency of your blended beverage. Don’t get overwhelmed. With our simple tips and tricks, you’ll master the nuances. Varieties. Ice comes in different shapes and forms. It can vary from small cubes with […]

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