Veggies in the Mix


Let’s be honest: Vegetables are great! They are not always valued for their deliciousness, however.

If they were, the majority of Americans wouldn’t be falling short of daily recommended servings of vegetables. That’s one of the more powerful reason smoothies have become so popular among today’s consumers.

Smoothies are the perfect better-for-you beverage. They’re easy and quick to serve, easy to pack with nutrients that don’t affect the taste, easy to transport, easy to love.

Thanks to smoothies, consumers can slurp their way to a more balanced diet, no matter how fast-paced their schedule is. Of course, you could skip the veggies in your smoothie…but why would you? Smoothies and veggies together are the best kind of one-two punch.


How Much is Enough When It Comes to Vegetables?

The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP), through its site, recommends three to five servings of vegetable per day, depending on your gender, caloric intake and activity level.


What is the Proper Serving Size?

The USDA recommends an easily measured two to three cups daily (again depending on gender, caloric intake and activity level).

But do your daily meals hit those magic numbers consistently? In reality, it’s hard to eat a healthy diet on the regular.

The vast majority of people – 87% of Americans, according to one survey –  don’t even get the lower recommendation of daily vegetable servings. It’s a problem pretty much universally acknowledged, but it doesn’t satisfy the immediate nutritional need. Still, there’s good news.

Millennials eat more vegetables than any other age group, for one thing. For another, consumers are eager to eat more veggies and are more accepting of getting creative with them (we love steamed broccoli too, but it can get boring).


Your Daily Dose of Delicious (and Vegetables).

For over 20 years, Dr. Smoothie has been offering a natural way, not to mention lip-smacking means, to get more nutrients. And in 2013, we pioneered our line of veggie-based smoothies, leading the industry with tastebud-friendly products packed with the good stuff we all crave and the nutrition we need.

Dr. Smoothie offers a big selection of smoothie options, particularly our veggie variant smoothie concentrates. Choose from our 100% Crushed® options:  Butternut Squash and Mango. These shelf-stable smoothies contain no artificial flavors or colors, no high-fructose corn syrup and no preservatives. Plus, our Organic Carrot Apple is GMO-free. And they’re all gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan.

Even better, Dr. Smoothie ADDins offer another way to get more with Leafy Greens and Veggie Blend options.


One thing is clear. The trend toward increased vegetable consumption is here to stay…and it’s growing.


How will you meet the increased demand? Watch this space for more news on how the food-service industry is responding overall as well as for exciting new ideas for ways to satisfy customers’ cravings – for both taste and nutrition.