Healthy Trend: Fruit & Vegetables


The Fruit & Veggie Beverage Trend.

Fruit and veggie beverages are right on trend. Consumer interest in better-for-you beverages is so hot that the demand for fruit and veggie beverages continues to gain momentum from millennials, involved parents and health-conscious consumers.

44% of consumers call for healthier beverages at restaurants.¹

55% of consumers are making conscious efforts to include more vegetable in their diet.²


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The Opportunity.

According to QSR, “Fresh has become a mantra of the restaurant industry these days, and there’s nothing that conveys fresh better than using raw items, particularly fruits and vegetables. There are an increasing number of menu items across all day parts that rely on fresh fruits and vegetables for their taste, texture and color.”

Americans consumed 20% more fresh food than a decade earlier, according to market research firm The NPD Group, this increase is being driven by Millennials and Generation Z.

Beet-based beverages are specifically on the rise among triathletes, marathon runners, cyclists and even body builders. According to data from global market research firm, Mintel, new beverages launched listing beet as an ingredient have risen steadily over the last decade.

Even the cocktail world is catching onto the health trend, adding different vegetables into mixed drinks. By doing so, they’re introducing unconventional flavors to cocktails that convey a healthier perception.

Bryan Schneider, head barman of New York restaurant Park Avenue Summer says, “Since the beginning, mixology has been about experimentation and finding unexpected but tasty flavor combinations. It only makes sense that bartenders are moving to the vegetable realm after so many years with fruit as their muse.”

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