Organic fruit smoothie with smoothie blend-in

Dr. Smoothie Organic Smoothie and ADDins meet the FDA 100% fruit claim and give you 5 servings of fruit in every 20 oz. beverage.

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about Dr. Smoothie The Innovation Leader | everything we do has a healthy twist

As the innovative leader in the specialty beverage category, Dr. Smoothie Brands broke new ground in 1997 with the introduction of the shelf stable fruit smoothie concentrate with no artificial ingredients.

In 2001, maintaining the company mantra that “everything we do has a healthy twist” Cafe Essentials introduced a frappe line with 15% to 25% less sugar and up to 50% less fat than the competition.

In 2003, we introduced 100% Crushed, a 100% fruit smoothie meeting the “Five a Day” daily fruit recommendation per 20 oz.

Innovation continued in 2009 when the entire Cafe Essentials frappe and hot beverage program featured NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners & NO artificial colors, while continuing with less fat and sugar.

Excess calorie content is on everyone’s mind, so Dr. Smoothie Brands developed FIT-LYTE, a 35% to 55% reduced calorie smoothie with stevia, white tea, and coconut water.

Talk about healthy, in 2013 we introduced the industry's first veggie smoothies. In 2014, we reveal trendsetting line of organic smoothies and frappes.

Get functional

Dr. Smoothie formulates its beverages with your health in mind to maximize the benefits to your body. Functional beverages are what Dr. Smoothie is all about. Our functional smoothies have been helping consumers achieve their health objectives since 1997. But, here is the big difference; not only do our smoothies have strong health benefits, but they are hands down the best tasting smoothies in the world.

With over 5 servings of fruit in every 20 oz beverage, Dr. Smoothie delivers the health benefits of the specific fruit in every beverage.

“For me, the best work is passionate, fresh, well designed and well Executed-the perfect balance of art and craft.”

Judy Villett

Culmination of taste
Artisan craftsmanship

Commitment. Integrity. Pride. Passion. Experience. Have you ever wondered why Dr. Smoothie products taste so good, so authentic, so true to nature? It’s because “it’s personal.”

Dr. Smoothie's Artisan crafts beverages that reflects his own personal experience from childhood, world travel and his own sense of value. Even the most “normal” flavor becomes an opportunity; a blank canvas to create a masterpiece.

The passion for perfection shows in our award winning taste profiles that really are much different from the competition. Think of a master wine vintner creating the perfect wine in that perfect year…That is the Dr. Smoothie Artisan.

Read our taste profiles, try our products and taste for yourself the difference Artisan Craftsmanship makes.

What we value

Why Choose Dr. Smoothie Brands? To successfully compete in business today, you need cost-effective solutions from a trendsetting company, with unmatched flavor profiles and the marketing to back it. Why risk your investment, hard work, and repeat customer business with anything less? Read why thousands of companies worldwide choose Dr. Smoothie Brands as their trusted partner.

Increase Your Business. When you use Dr. Smoothie Brands products you can expect an increase in business. Customers want a healthy product that tastes authentic.

Focus & Commitment. We have one owner with one commitment: To create fantastic products in the healthy beverage category. All of our products have a healthy twist to them.

Great Service. We ship fast and keep product in stock. Our commitment to great service proves we are here to help you succeed.

Authentic Taste. Do a taste comparison and see for yourself that Dr. Smoothie is the only company that gives you the authentic taste of the fruit…not a ton of sugar and flavor, no chemical taste, no overcooked taste, just the authentic taste of the FRUIT.

Dr. Smoothie Owns Its Own Custom Designed Factory: That was built from the ground up and spends years training its select, passionate Artisans. This makes a huge difference.

We Are the Manufacturer: Most brands are just marketing companies using co-packers. Their taste profiles are at the whim of whoever is working at the co-packer line that day.

Cost Effective: Why pay more? Dr. Smoothie Brands has the top taste profiles and is priced right.

Quality: Everyone says it, but have you tasted our products? Our taste profiles are the gold standard in the industry exhibiting the vine-ripened true fruit taste your customers expect and deserve.

World Class Marketing: We have hundreds of printed and downloadable POS to use as-is or have customized. Innovative, beautiful, cutting-edge marketing that inspires customers to buy products. Plus, taste profiles that get you the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and more visits…isn’t that something you want for your business?

Our Values: Dr. Smoothie believes in helping those less fortunate, promoting healthy lifestyles, conserving vital resources, and making unique healthy products. We hope you share our vision. Enjoy!

Water conservation – Dr. Smoothie has reprogrammed our plant controls to significantly reduce our water consumption thereby also reducing our waste water footprint.

Recycling – Dr. Smoothies trash footprint is minimized with our recycling program using numerous sources to recycle cardboard, plastic, paper and metals.

Promise Child – Primarily focused on lifting children out of poverty, this also helps the parents and the whole family. Teaching people new skills are some of the things we believe in and help with. Our help ranges from giving goats and pigs for villagers to raise and sell, sewing machines and classes how to use them, malaria nets, medical clinic and helping build mentorship homes for abandoned kids. A discipleship home to get women off the streets has been fruitful. Country focus is Nepal, Uganda, Northern India, Kentucky.

Pastoral Training of Asia – Primarily teaching Pastors and staff new effectiveness via seminars in the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thai-Burma border PTA also runs a print shop, disaster relief, children’s ministry, hospital ministry and more.

Kiva – We primarily lend to hard working women in the Philippines & Uganda, our loss rate is currently 1/10 of 1% when the average Kiva lender is almost a 5% loss rate. We have completed over 75 loans to date.

2nd Harvest Food Bank – This is a local Orange County, CA food bank that supplies quality food to the poor.

My refuge house – There is a terrible situation going on in this world, so we help the affect with a safe haven for girls subject to abuse and sex trafficking. Located in the Philippines.

Our customer testimonials

~ Bill V., Texas ~
"Our business has increased by 37% with the addition of the Organic products by Dr. Smoothie. Customers seek us out. We charge $7.00 per 16oz. Cup. Our profit margins have increased . The tropical flavors add more fun to the island feel here in South Padre Island, TX. Our customers come from all over the state of Texas and are presently surprised to see "ORGANIC" Smoothies."

~ Jessie C., ID ~
"I'm really excited, we bought a stand that had so many previous owners who didn't commit and the location had been closed for a while. We really needed a good first impression and that's really what your 100% Crushed smoothies did. We were so excited to serve products that back up what we tell our customers and your smoothies helped us prove that we are in this to offer quality, fresh and best tasting products that aren't full of junk. The smoothies were a big hit. It was hot, most people wanted to do blended and iced drinks. I had just put up the posters from Dr. Smoothie and the smoothies really sold themselves. We got such great feedback from customers. Our customers were so happy they were totally won over with the taste."

~ Arnie ~
"I have tried Burger King’s smoothies, and McDonald’s smoothies. They are mediocre. I own a coffee shop and I sell Dr. Smoothie smoothies, 100% crushed, no sugar added, and I can add yogurt with protein and fiber that only adds 25 calories. Total calorie count on a 16oz smoothie is 225. And now I will be offering fruit and veggie smoothies, no sugar added. Best tasting fruit pureed smoothie out there!"

~ A.J.Espresso ~
"I did have 3 people tell me in the last 2 weeks they were long time clients of the competition, but all because of the smoothies we serve, they switched. That was great to hear. One works at the hospital and said she loves that they taste good and she's confident she's not putting junk into her body. She's been coming through twice a day, once for coffee and once for her smoothie. Pretty positive feedback!"

~ Tommy ~
"The Dr. Smoothie 100% crushed fruit puree as so good tasting it elevated the taste of my smoothies to a whole new level. My smoothies tasted decent before. Now with the Dr. Smoothie puree, my smoothies are so more flavorful....the customers keeps coming back for more sometimes two or three time a week trying different flavors."

~ June C., Missouri ~
"After switching from a tea based sugar laden smoothie to Dr. Smoothie my business is up over 300%. My customers LOVE IT and comment how happy they are that I made the change."

~ Casey H., Michigan ~
"There is no better fruit smoothie products on the market. We looked for months and none compared to Dr. Smoothie. The all natural flavoring and non-diary fruit mixes that Dr. Smoothie carries make it a high commodity in all of our stores, especially when the heat rolls in. People love all of the flavors and everyone can enjoy them because there is no milk additives. Dr Smoothie definitely has the bases covered and is a top-notch product in the cold drink arena. Kudos to them!”

~ Tom W., California ~
“Since moving to Dr. Smoothie our shop's sales of smoothies has increased by 18% compared to sales with our previous brand...Customers love the taste and it's an easy sell when you're dealing with 100% natural fruit products. Easy to make, wonderful flavor, and increased sales and net profit...what more could you ask for?”

~ Rita C., California ~
“When I bought my café I inherited a … smoothie program. I didn’t like the product’s high sugar content, the freezer space it took and the complicated production. I quickly switched to Dr. Smoothie’s 100% fruit line because I wanted an all-natural product with no added sugar or high fructose corn syrup. It not only is the best tasting smoothie base on the market, it’s a product I can feel really good about serving.”

~ Bill and Janet P. ~
“You guys are great. Thanks for all your help. Your service is GREAT!! I contacted your distributor, and they were very very courteous and service oriented. Today we received our first shipment from them and are very pleased. Again, thanks a million.”

~ Roberta R. ~
“…I just wanted to let you know I intend to use Dr. Smoothie products for my bakery-cafe. I am putting together a new menu board but before I finalize the menu I have been testing different products to get the best of the best. Your products are superior over many others…”

~ Hope ~
“…Dr. Smoothie…check them out first cause they do have the best Smoothie products, in my opinion.”

~ Debbie L. California ~
“We've used Dr Smoothie for about a year now. Prior, we used 100% juice and IQF fruit. Dr Smoothie is the first mix we found that doesn't have added sweetening, although I think they do carry a sweetened line. We've found it's a lot easier than keeping all that fruit around, and it has no added sugar, or corn syrup, so it is diabetic friendly. It is 100% crushed fruit…”

~ Shari ~
“We use Dr. Smoothie and love it! We use the natural line - our customers love it! It was our first choice when we added a smoothie line last year.”

~ Rene S, California ~
"I was using various fruit smoothie products, including a tea based product. When I learned of Dr. Smoothie's all-natural, 100% crushed fruit line that had no added sugar I was interested but knew it needed to taste good if I was going to make a switch. After tasting it with our staff we began replacing our smoothie products with Dr. Smoothie and have had great response from our customers. It fits very well into our goal of carrying high quality products in every category."

~ Marc L. ~
“The smoothie concentrates worked out very well. The concentrate was very easy to use and during our busiest times, we were able to maintain production much better than in the past. This process improvement allowed us to operate with fewer people and deliver a more consistent drink.”

~ Francene H., Long Beach ~
“I was meeting with my Dad and he gave me the best gift ever, a new blender and a bottle of Dr. Smoothie’s Mango puree. I gave the drink to my grand daughter and she absolutely loved it. She drinks a cup of Dr. Smoothie at least 4 to 5 times a week. Our family loves the Pear/Peach, Mango, Pineapple Paradise and Strawberry. Thanks Dr. Smoothie.”

~ Kristina E. ~
“I think the Acai Plus Berry concentrate would be a benefit to any company who makes smoothies (like a robek’s) I used it this weekend (my first acai berry ever) in my personal smoothies and love it. You have a great company there!”

~ Colleen ~
“I received your shipment today and all I can say is wow! The flavors are incredible. My husband and went through them tonight and we're both very pleased. I have taste test for Saturday night church people set up this week. Since I'm the picky one, I know everyone will like these. I'm really impressed with the fruit drinks.”

~ Melissa Snyder ~
“I just want to say that you guys ROCK! Your company has the fastest turn around that I have ever seen. I have ordered from your company numerous times and it has been the same each time-fast turn around and great communication! You guys are #1 in my book. Best customer service and best product flavor. I will always be THAT repeat customer. Thank you so much!”

~ Ricky, Germany ~
“Our customers here just can't get enough of Dr. Smoothie. No matter what the weather the Dr. is always available. Thanks, for everything.”

“Our customers here just can't get enough of Dr. Smoothie. No matter what the weather, the Dr. is always available."

- Jason Adams -

artisan crafted for your good health
each blend is hand-crafted to achieve unique balanced & exceptional profile
organic smoothie
crushed smoothie
veggie smoothie
fitlyte smoothie
classic smoothie
dr. smoothie addins


Dr. Smoothie catalog is available for you to view and download. To view our catalog offline, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If Adobe is not currently installed on your system, you may download it for free from the Adobe site here.

view / download our 2016 catalog
"The Dr. Smoothie 100% crushed fruit puree is so good tasting it elevated the taste of my smoothies to a whole new level..."

- Rick, Germany -

Smoothie recipes
Here are some quick and easy fruit smoothie recipes from Dr. Smoothie. These smoothie recipes are fat free, rich in anti-oxidants, lactose free, contain no high fructose corn syrup (when made with our 100% Crushed™ Fruit Smoothie concentrate), and provide 5 full servings of fresh fruit per 20 oz. smoothie!

These fruit smoothie recipes are great for breakfast, as an after workout cool down, or simply a healthy treat. You can also add protein powder to any smoothie recipe below for a delicious meal replacement smoothie.

Many of our recipes are great for beginners and very easy to use, it’s as easy as 123. Add our whole fruit concentrate, water, ice and blend; it’s that simple. Additionally, we’ve included some specialty recipes that require a few more ingredients but make the perfect blended beverage.

Our concentrates are also excellent for using in other recipes too. You’ll be amazed how versatile our concentrate really is. Get started and let your creative mind go and discover all of the delicious ways Dr. Smoothie whole fruit concentrates will add dimension to all of your blended beverages and food.
+  Specialty Blended Smoothies

+  123 Easy Smoothies

+  Mixer Recipes

+  Cooking Recipes

"The flavors are incredible. My husband and I went through them tonight and we're both very pleased."

- Kristina E. -

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Dr. Smoothie Brands is more than a product manufacturer; we offer solutions to promoting good health through better nutrition. Dr. Smoothie Brands is a one stop shop, we manufacturer a wide variety of products to suit every need.

We are the leader in specialty beverages, whole foods, supplements, nutrition bars, amino sports beverages and collagen based products.

By joining the Dr. Smoothie Brands team, we offer valuable tools and marketing ideas that will help you build, promote and grow a successful business.
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“After switching from a tea based sugar laden smoothie to Dr. Smoothie, my business is up over 300%. My customers LOVE IT and comment how happy they are that I made the change.”

- Tom W., California -

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"I have ordered from your company numerous times and it has been the same each time-fast turn around and great communication! You guys are #1 in my book. Best customer service and best product flavor."

- Colleen -

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