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We greatly appreciate your interest in Refreshers by Dr. Smoothie, the invigorating juice beverage with just a hint of natural energy. To enjoy a complimentary sample of our exquisite Strawberry Acai Refreshers, kindly complete the below form. Delight in the goodness of a preservative-free blend, meticulously crafted without artificial colors or sweeteners, using real fruit juice, green coffee extract, pure cane sugar, and stevia. Elevate your business with the limitless possibilities of Refreshers – whether in cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, or effervescent creations – an excellent choice to enrich your beverage offerings.





    Are you looking for a refreshing way to boost your sales and captivate your younger adult customers? Look no further than Dr. Smoothie Refreshers Beverages! These on-trend, clean label, naturally caffeinated beverages are the perfect choice to invigorate your menu and drive incremental sales.

    With seven innovative flavors to choose from, Dr. Smoothie Refreshers offer a delightful variety that will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. But the real magic happens when you unleash your creativity and craft endless drinks for your menu. From tantalizing cocktails to refreshing mocktails, energizing smoothies to sparkling creations, the possibilities are truly endless!

    What sets Dr. Smoothie Refreshers apart is their commitment to quality ingredients. We believe that nature knows best, which is why our beverages are made with no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors, and absolutely no gluten.

    Dr. Smoothie Refreshers are designed to give your business that burst of energy it needs. By adding these enticing beverages to your menu, you can tap into the growing demand for natural and clean label options. Appeal to the younger adult demographic who are actively seeking out refreshing and healthier alternatives.

    • 70% of consumers are interested in beverages with a hint of energy without the crash
    • Incremental Sales – Gain the attention of new and existing customers looking for beverages with natural energy all day
    • The fastest growing brand for Dr. Smoothie and double-digit growth for a popular coffee chain
    • Shelf-Stable and Easy to Prepare – Just add water, shake, and serve
    • Made with real fruit juice and natural flavors
    • Versatile – Create cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, or mixed with tea, lemonade, sparkling, or still water

    Embrace natural energy revolution and let Dr. Smoothie Refreshers take your sales to new heights!