Dr. Smoothie Brands is proud to announce a first and third place win at Coffee Fest Chicago held at the Navy Pier Convention Center June 7-9th. Dr. Smoothie’s 100% Crushed® Veggie Smoothies took first place over 19 other entries in the Best New Consumable Products competition with Cafe Essentials Matcha Mint Chip winning third place. Veggie Smoothies received high honors from a panel of judges specifically appointed to look for new and exciting products that will benefit the specialty coffee industry.

Dr. Smoothie’s Veggie Smoothies are receiving rave reviews throughout the specialty beverage and foodservice industries. With the introduction of 2 new flavors in the 100% Crushed line, each veggie smoothie concentrate includes over 9 different fruits & vegetables and are packed full of natural nutrition. Each 20oz beverage supports the recommended daily “five a day” servings of fruit & veggies as outlined by the USDA.
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Cafe Essentials Matcha Mint Chip is the classic mint chip ice cream restated into a refreshingly delicious combination of cool mint with Guittard milk chocolate bits and a touch of Matcha green tea. There are no artificial colors used to make Matcha Mint Chip. Served hot or blended, each beverage has been masterfully crafted to bring out the intense flavor that makes Matcha Mint Chip a true winner.

Dr. Smoothie Brands, innovative leader in the specialty beverage category is committed to manufacturing new and exciting products that are in high demand. Dr. Smoothie Brands answers the call by providing customers what they are looking for, authentic and unmatched flavor profiles with the customer’s good health in mind, always!