You can now offer your customers added healthy halo benefits that meet the demand for great tasting better-for-you beverages with Dr. Smoothie ADDins. This new product line comes in three great tasting blends…Leafy Greens, Veggie Blend and Yogurt Lover’s Plus. Adding a single scoop to any Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed concentrate creates that healthy halo that your customers are looking for.

Leafy Greens offers ½ cup of greens per scoop. Leafy Greens includes spinach and kale that are nutrient-dense powerhouses, rich in essentials vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. The US Department of Agriculture recommends consuming two to three cups of dark leafy green vegetables a week.

Veggie Blend offers ¾ cup of veggies per scoop. This hand-picked assortment of vegetables is a great way to enhance any beverage – full of health-bolstering nutrients and a pleasantly subtle sweetness. Get a full array of root vegetables, greens and more in this extraordinary blend.

Yogurt Lover’s Plus transforms an average beverage of choice into a healthy option. Yogurt Lover’s Plus contains pre & pro-biotics, fiber, protein and adds a very silky mouth-feel. This add-in is primarily designed as a blend-in for any smoothie or frappe.

With the growing demand for healthier beverage options, Dr. Smoothie ADDins are the perfect solution. They boost the functionality of any beverage while adding a delicious taste of vegetables or yogurt.