3 SmoothiesIt is natural to want to eat healthy but many times when we are busy, we’ll stop for fast food or pick up something quick to satisfy the hunger. With specialty beverage shops and cafes, it’s easy to grab something and go.

Smoothies have become a big hit in the past 15 years and more and more people are stopping to grab a quick smoothie as a replacement for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This looks like a good alternative to a burger and fries and definitely seems healthier. When drinking a smoothie that you’ve added some nutritional boosts to, have you ever stopped to think how healthy the smoothie really is? Does it contain all of the benefits of the fruit or is does it have more sugar in it that actual fruit.

Over 17 years ago, Dr. Smoothie examined just that. How healthy are the smoothies we are drinking? Because they are made from fruit, are they really that healthy for you? Upon doing research and taste testing many different products, it was discovered that most smoothies that claim to be healthy really aren’t. In fact, many contain very little fruit at all and contain high contents of sugar and artificial colors and flavors.

Dr. Smoothie set out to create exactly what the competitors were not offering, an actual smoothie that contains fruit, the whole fruit. Dr. Smoothie concentrates not only contains all the benefits of the entire fruit but also has additional vitamins and nutrients that contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

So the next time you are in the market for a delicious healthy smoothie, ask for Dr. Smoothie by name. Real Health for a better you.