I just love fruit, especially summer fruit. It seems like I can never get enough. Summer comes and goes so quickly that you have to hurry up and eat as much as you can before it all quickly disappears. Eating fruit right after it has been freshly picked is the best. It tastes so good and there is something about picking the fruit right from where it has grown. There is even greater satisfaction when you have grown the fruit yourself either from a vine or tree. It just always tastes better.

With so many options, how do you pick your favorite? Are you a berry lover, a melon lover, a vine lover or a tree lover? Does it really matter…no not really. Each piece of fruit becomes my favorite as the sweetness touches the tip of my tongue. The other day, I cut up a ripe cantaloupe to eat with our dinner. WOW is all I can say, it was so delicious and sweet that candy couldn’t hold a flame to that delectable treat.

With so many options, how can we enjoy the fruit to the fullest? Eating it fresh is always best but cutting it up into a fruit salad is pretty delicious. Fruit kabobs are really popular as well as fresh fruit popsicles and of course we can’t forget smoothies!

Making it fun for kids is the key, especially if they are not big fruit eaters. Who can say no to bananas that are cut up to look like dolphins? How about platters of fruit made to look like your favorite Sesame Street character or a watermelon that looks like a barbeque. Even Dad will get a kick out of this fruit masterpiece.

Fruit has been around since the beginning and as time has gone by, we are learning more and more each day about the benefits of fruit and how we need to get our 5+ a day. So if you are not a fruit lover, now is the time to start. Not only does it taste great, but it is super good for you too.

So many varieties, so little time.

So many varieties, so little time.