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Companies like Panera Bread are cleaning up their menu items to get “the junk” out of their ingredients and to produce food that uses cleaner ingredients that are free from artificial additives and ingredients. Panera Bread has created a No-No list that is available online and in the stores for customers to see. Panera has a list of 80 ingredients that are no longer on the menu today or are in the process of being removed.

Several brands are heeding customers’ calls for healthier, simpler “cleaner” ingredients to be used in the food they make and serve. According to information from market research firm The Hartman Group, customers are increasingly interested in clean labels.

  • 65 percent of customers when shopping for food and beverages are looking for food and beverages with ingredients they recognize.
  • 60 percent of customers are looking for food and beverages with the shortest list of ingredients.

An article in Beverage Industry, they provide “Top trends for food and beverage in 2016” which include “Clean and clear labeling”. The “free from foods” have all gained traction and are moving up to the next level.

Making the list for Top Trends in 2016 provided by Innova Market Insights includes:

  • Organic growth for clear label – a key platform going forward
  • Free from for all – the recent surge of gluten-free products
  • Green light for vegetables – consumers know they need to eat more greens and smoothies are perfect solution to encourage kids to eat more

It’s never been more important for operators across all segments to highlight and use fresh, recognizable ingredients on their menus. This emphasis is driving sales across all menu parts – including beverages. The opportunity for beverages made with cleaner ingredients is growing in demand and are right on trend of what consumers want.

Dr. Smoothie Brands has been touting our NO-NO list for years. Our labels prove it. We have the products that consumers are asking for and the trend data above proves that we have what consumers want. It is critical to take advantage of our Healthier Taste Sensations healthy halo platform. Our beverages are healthy, delicious and right on trend.