Ever wonder where the fruit comes from to make our delicious smoothies? It comes straight from the organic farmer who cares about your health just as much as we do.

Taking the path less traveled to provide innovative, forward thinking products, Dr. Smoothie was looking to offer something completely different. Crafting new products that are on trend, meet customer expectations and the growing need for healthier products, Dr. Smoothie has gone to great lengths to create the NEW Organic smoothie. Each of Dr. Smoothie’s Organic concentrates meets the FDA 100% fruit standards, giving you 5 servings of fruit in every 20 oz. beverage.

Our Artisan Craftsmen went on a relentless pursuit to find the best fruit, veggies and juices for you to enjoy. These blends are all hand-crafted in our privately owned plant and are sweetened with organic pear, apple and pineapple juices.

Proudly displaying the USDA Organic seal on each bottle, Dr. Smoothie has gone through the arduous process to be USDA Organic Certified, thereby adhering to the strict standards required by the USDA.

In addition to the great health benefits of organic fruit, our Organic smoothies are free of GMO’s, no pesticide residue, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Now you can enjoy an organic smoothie, just as nature intended it to be.

Organic Smoothies now available in 6 different flavors.

Organic Smoothies now available in 6 different flavors.